Remark Training | Student Interview – Corrina
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Student Interview – Corrina

20 Jun Student Interview – Corrina


We interviewed our in house Communication Support Worker Corrina who has has just finished her Level 6 Language Development Course!

What is your favourite thing about studying BSL?  

I think it’s a really interesting language and enjoy meeting the new people that I meet through it, both deaf and hearing BSL users! 

Why did you choose to study at Remark!?

Because I work here, and it’s great (not bias at all)!

Do you find it helpful to learn in an environment where everyone uses BSL?

Yes, absolutely.

How have you found the tutors at Remark?

My tutor Andrew is very friendly, funny and encouraging throughout.

What are the classes like and what is your favourite thing in class?

The classes have been very varied while also structured which I like. Each class we are testing our receptive skills with videos and tests after as well as translation exercises and group discussions. My faviourite part is the receptive videos as I get to watch TV!

What is your favourite sign?

Guinea Pig

How does learning sign language benefit you?

It benefits me at my job as a Communication Support Worker, enabling me to improve my BSL when at work. .

What are you aims for the future with your BSL qualifications?

Now the Language Development part of the course is over I am going to join the Portfolio Building and aim to successfully complete that. Fingers crossed!