Remark Training | Level 3 Certificate in BSL
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Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language

This is an exciting new course which will enable you to communicate in British Sign Language at Level 3 standard whether it’s with friends and family, preparing you to work with Deaf people or if you want to become proficient in a new skill within a range of situations.

The course is divided into three units and candidates are required to pass all units to gain the qualification.

At the end of the course you will receive the Level 3 Certificate in BSL accredited by Signature, the national awarding body.  Please note this course is not an NVQ.  The programme covers issues within the key social paradigms including Home Life, Social/Recreational Activities, Education and Training, Employment, Consumer Issues & Daily Living and Deaf History & Culture.  The course is delivered through various means such as:

• Filmed and assessed tasks

• Receptive skill tests/Deaf guests presentations

• Discussion forums

• Native BSL tutors

• Interactive group work/activities


BSL Level  320 – This unit aims for Learners to develop an understanding and competent use of the grammatical rules of BSL. Learners will complete this unit on linguistics and be assessed on their linguistics and grammatical knowledge, prior to the assessment of units BSL321 and BSL322.

BSL Level  321– The aim of the unit is to enable learners to understand varied BSL in a range of work and social situations. Learners should develop the ability to follow and take part in conversations and discussions delivered at normal speed on a range of topics in different work and social situations.

BSL Level  322 – By the end of this unit the learner can contribute BSL in a range of work-related and social situations (including one to ones, group discussions and presentations) and have a good vocabulary which they can adapt to get straightforward messages across and find alternative ways to articulate what they are saying.


Assessments take place during normal class time and the assessment fees are included in the course price

Entry Requirements

Candidates must possess Signature / CACDP BSL Level 2 and at least one year’s experience integrating within a Deaf environment and attending Deaf events.

To ensure you meet the standard required for the course, you will be invited to a Selection Process before attending this course. This Selection Process costs £15. The Selection Process will include a receptive skills test (a filmed clip of a person signing BSL with a questions and answers paper testing your understanding of the clip) and a productive skills test, where an Assessor will observe students signing a conversation in pairs.



Individuals: £1,131 (includes £138 Signature Assessment fees and VAT)

Organisations: £1,506 + VAT (includes £138 Signature Assessment fees)

Deposit of £110 is required which will come off your total bill (non refundable)


Individuals: £1,031 (includes £138 Signature Assessment fees and VAT)

Organisations: £1,406 + VAT (includes £138 Signature Assessment fees)

Deposit of £100 is required which will come off your total bill (non-refundable)

Selection Process: £15 – you will receive written feedback


After your first session, you will be emailed an e-handbook which you can refer to throughout the course.

Course Dates

Amount of Weeks: 50 weeks

Date and Time: 20th September 2017 – 12th September 2018 (Wednesdays 12pm – 4pm)

Course Code: 351-3

Amount of Weeks: 56 weeks

Date and Time: 29th January 2018 – 18th February 2019 (Mondays 6pm – 8pm)

Course Code: 352-3

Selection Process: Spaces available upon request, please contact to book your space.

Amount of Weeks: 40 weeks

Date and Time: Thursday 5th October 2017 – Thursday 2nd August 2018 (6pm – 9pm)

Course Code: B079

Amount of Weeks: 40 weeks

Date and Time: Thursday 7th June 2018 – Thursday 28th March 2019 (1pm – 4pm)

Course Code: B082


For the latest information please contact the Remark Training office on 020 7269 2621, or email us on

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