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Interpreting and CSW Workshops – London

We offer one and two day training  at our central London training centre on a variety of topics to gain a better and more in-depth understanding about different signs / issues that deaf people face every day. Please note, if you are attending a workshop and being funded through a company or organisation, an additional 20% VAT charge will incur on top of the workshop price.

Workshop Title: Advanced BSL Linguistics

Date and Time: 13 January 2018 9.30am-4.30pm

Tutor: Akbar Sikder

Suitable for: Level 3 BSL students and above

Details: This workshop will provide a detailed overview of the grammatical structure of British Sign Language at the phonological, morphological, syntactic and sociolinguistic level. Topics will include phonemes, lexicon types, classifiers, word order and sociolinguistic variation in BSL.


Course Code: WS41

Workshop Title: Ethical Models for Interpreting

Date and Time: 20 January 2018 10am-5pm

Tutor: David Wolfenden

Suitable for: TSLI and RSLI

Details: This workshop is for TSLIs and RSLIs practising as sign language interpreters. It will provide an overview of the different ethical models and incorporates the Demand Control Schema, used for analysing decisions made during interpreting assignments, as well as provide opportunities to discuss strategies for dealing with common ethical demands.


Course Code:WS31

Workshop Title:
Telephone Interpreting

Date and Time: 10 February 2018 10am-5pm

Tutor:  Vicki Carribin

Suitable for: CSW, TSLI and RSLI

Details: This practical workshop will look at the skills needed for telephone interpreting. Through a combination of taught sessions, pair and group exercises, and role play, we will look at what makes telephone calls so challenging and how we can work proactively to create strategies to better manage this type of interpreted event.

The aim of this session is to equip you with a set of tools that you can draw on to make interpreted telephone calls a successful experience for all parties


Course Code: WS32

Workshop Title: International Sign Language

Date and Time: 17 – 18 March 2018 10am-5pm​

Tutor: Gavin Lilley

Suitable for: Level 4 and above

Details: This workshop will provide an introduction to some of the key concepts and skills International Sign Language, including: International Sign Language as a lingua franca, using productive lexicon and iconicity, a very popular workshop which gets booked up very quick! This workshop is suitable for anyone who is a competent user of any one sign language. The esteemed Gavin Lilley will help you to expand your use of the visual vernacular and grasp a basic understanding of International Sign Language.


Course Code: WS34


Workshop Title: Advanced One-Way Interpreting into English

Date and Time: 7 April 2018 10am-5pm

Tutor: David Wolfenden

Suitable for: Level 6 BSL students and above

Details: This workshop will focus on the skills and strategies required for one-way interpreting into English. It will follow on from the Introduction to Working into English workshop by providing more opportunities to practise one-way interpreting into English and to work with more complex source texts.


Course Code: WS36


Workshop Title: Modifying Written English Texts

Date and Time: 14 April 2018 9.30am-4.30pm

Tutor: Akbar Sikder

Suitable for: Level 3 BSL students and above

Details: This workshop will focus on the key skills and theories required for modifying written English texts effectively. It will introduce key linguistic concepts and provide strategies for modifying texts appropriately to meet the needs of the audience. There will also be opportunities to practise modifying texts. The workshop will also look at the different situations where CSWs and interpreters may be required to modify texts.


Course Code: WS35

Workshop Title:  Interpreting in Mental Health settings

Date and Time: Friday 27th Saturday 28th April 2018

Tutor: Herbert Klein and Esther Rose Bevan

Suitable for: RSLI (preferably + 3 years experience.)

Details: Our Tutors will be presenting a two-day Mental Health and Deafness workshop for Interpreters working in or wanting to know more about working in the field of Mental Health. The workshop provides an overview of mental health problems/illness, the various mental health services and the Deaf experience. It will also cover a variety of interpreting issues such as how to interpret assessments, idiosyncratic language, “voices” and medication as well as the Mental Health Act and working with families


Course Code: WS48

Workshop Title: Interpreting in Islamic settings

Date and Time: 19 May 2018 10am-5pm

Tutor: Jason Bell

Details: This workshop will give an overview of working with Muslim Deaf people for non-Muslim interpreters. As such it is an introductory look at the challenges of interpreting in settings such as Muslim education, mosques or large events.

Items that will be covered are: Access issues, Cultural overview of Islam, Sources of Law; the Shariah, Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith, The differences between Sunni and Shia, Linguistic challenges of working with Arabic, English and BSL, How we can translate from Arabic to BSL Common lexical items and how to sign them.


Course Code: WS38

Workshops Title: Note-taking for consecutive interpreting

Date and Time: 9 June 2018 9.30am-4.30pm

Tutor: Akbar Sikder

Suitable for: Level 4 BSL students and above

Details: This workshop will introduce the horizontal note-taking technique for consecutive interpreting. After presenting the key concepts and skills required, students will engage in practical activities to take notes from both BSL and English source texts. This workshop will be useful for anybody working in the interpreting or translation field and where consecutive interpreting, translation or sight translation is a part of their work.


Course Code: WS39

Workshops Title: The Abuse and Safeguarding of Adults

Date and Time: 16 June 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm

Tutor: Jackie Pritchard

Suitable for: CSW, TSLI and RSLI

Details: This is the first in a series of 3 bespoke training courses which has been developed for BSL interpreters regarding the abuse and safeguarding of adults. It is not a generic basic awareness course.

The course was originally designed for BSL interpreters in 2012 and has been well received in various parts of England; it has been updated to incorporate the changes which were introduced on 1st April 2015 with the introduction of the Care Act 2014. The main aim of this course is to ensure that interpreters know what to do when they suspect that someone is being abused, is at risk of harm or when they receive a disclosure.


Course Code: WS40

Workshop Title: Advanced English

Date and Time: 14 July 2018 9.30am-4.30pm

Tutor: Akbar Sikder

Suitable for: CSW, TSLI and RSLI

Details: How does the English language work? This workshop will provide an overview of the grammatical structure of the English language at the phonological, morphological, syntactic and sociolinguistic levels in order to provide students with a greater understanding of how the English language works. Topics will include phonology, derivational morphology and word classes, syntax and word order, and sociolinguistic variation.


Course Code: WS30

Workshop Title: Sight Translation of Written Documents

Date and Time: 11 August 2018 9.30am-4.30pm

Tutor: Akbar Sikder

Suitable for: Level 4 BSL students and above

Details: This workshop will provide an overview of the skills and theories required for sight translations, as well as the common situations in which sight translation of written documents are required. It will present strategies for carrying out effective and accurate sight translations of written documents, including the use of note-taking to support interpreting.


Course Code: WS42

Workshops Title: Court Interpreting

Date and Time: 22 September and 23 September 2018 10am-5pm

Tutor: Gloria Ogborn

Suitable for: RSLI

Details: This workshop is an informative and comprehensive programme covering a broad range of theoretical, practical, logistical, linguistic, protocol and dilemma issues. This will give interpreters the toolkit of knowledge they need in order to work safely and effectively in court.  This course is beneficial for both experienced and inexperienced legal interpreters.


Course Code: WS43

Workshop Title: Linguistic Theories of Translation

Date and Time: October 27 2018 9.30am – 4.30pm

Tutor: Akbar Sikder

Suitable for: TSLI and RSLI

Details: Linguistic theories of translation have been forgotten in recent times, so this workshop will look at how linguistic theories of translation can be useful for describing the linguistic processes at work during the sign language interpreting process. It will develop on traditional linguistic theories of translation by providing an interlingual and bimodal approach to explaining common terms within the interpreting field, such as ‘translation’, ‘interpreting’, ‘transliteration’, ‘transcription’, ‘free translation’ and ‘literal translation’.


Course Code: WS45

Workshop Title: Interpreting in Medical Settings Workshop

Date and Time: 3 November 2018 10am – 5pm

Tutor: Byron Campell, Radha Starr, Di Phaisey

Suitable for: TSLI and RSLI

Details: This course is aimed at interpreters who have experience of working in medical settings or those looking to improve their knowledge base before starting work in this domain. The course will be delivered using a combination of presentations, role-plays, group discussions and Q & A sessions. Some sessions of this course will be conducted in English and some in BSL.


Course Code: WS47

To book a place on any of our workshops email or call 0207 269 2621.

Please note unless stated otherwise all our workshops take place at our Training centre on Leather Lane London (close to both Farringdon and Chancery Lane stations).

At Remark! We want to provide with as much information possible, and we know that the CPD Points system is very important to interpreters. If you would like more information about the CPD Points system, please see the link below:


We know our workshops are good because you tell us so. Here’s just a taster of the feedback from participants last year:

Very informative and well presented. Every interpreter who is contemplating going into this field should attend this course.” Mental Health Workshop Participant

I recomend that all interpreters/CSWs attend this workshop to enhance their own level of BSL.” International Sign Language Participant

Tutors were brilliant. So informative. Really great pace, friendly and encouraging.” Voiceover Workshop Participant.