Deaf Awareness Training
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Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training is one of our most popular workshops. We deliver fun, interactive bespoke Deaf Awareness Training days to both corporate and social clients.

Our Training can not only bridge the gap and fuel effective communication with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, but we can ensure you meet all requirements as outlined by the Equality Act 2010.

At Remark!, we pride ourselves on offering workshops to suit your specific learning needs. Therefore, we aim for you, the client, to inform us what areas you would like to cover.

The workshop will cover many aspects of deafness, how to cope with communication difficulties and incorporates a basic level of BSL signs. We cover the following ‘core’ topics:

  • Deaf Culture
  • Lip-reading (incorporate a brief game)
  • Getting the attention of a Deaf person
  • Rules for Effective Communication
  • Back up methods of communication

The Training is led by you. Perhaps you have a Deaf employee and want to improve the team’s communication, or have a public-facing role with Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals, whatever the reason for this Training we ensure we meet your objectives in an authentic, enriched learning environment.

We offer three different types of training courses, depending on what would suit you the best.  Below are the different training courses:
– £450 + VAT for a half day session – Deaf Awareness Training
– £800 + VAT for a full day’s training session – Introduction to British Sign Language (Deaf Awareness Training is included)
– £375 + VAT for a two hour taster session – Touches on Deaf Awareness and teach BSL Basics.

For more information contact contact 020 7269 2621 or email