Remark Training | BSL Taster Sessions
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BSL Taster Sessions

We host FREE monthly BSL Tasters for beginners. Our popular Taster sessions introduce you British Sign Language, Deaf culture and finger-spelling. The sessions also include information on upcoming Level 1 courses.


There are no assessments for this session

Entry Requirements

This is a course for beginners – no prior knowledge of BSL is required.



Course Dates

London 2017:
Wednesday 11th October 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 8th November 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 6th December 6pm – 8pm
London 2018:
Wednesday 10th January 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 7th February 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 7th  March 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 11th April 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 9th May 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 6th June 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 4th July 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 1st August 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 5th September 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 3rd October 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 7th November 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 5th December 6pm – 8pm

Birmingham 2017:
Monday 6th November – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 4th December- 6pm – 8pm
Birmingham 2018:
Monday 8th January – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 12th February – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 12th March – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 9th April – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 14th May – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 11th June – 6pm – 8pm
Monday  9th July – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 13th August – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 10th September – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 8th October – 6pm – 8pm
Monday  12th November – 6pm – 8pm
Monday 10th December – 6pm – 8pm


Contact or call 0207 269 2621 for more information, or to book your place.