Remark Training | Andrew Stanley is showered with gratitude
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Andrew Stanley is showered with gratitude

13 Jun Andrew Stanley is showered with gratitude

Our BSL Level 6 Tutor, Andrew Stanley, received a special token gift from a student last month. Here he explains her journey…

Today I received a gift from one of my Level 6 Portfolio Building Students, Judy Lamprecht. Judy has completed her Portfolio and it has now been submitted and awaiting an EV check.

Throughout Autumn, Judy struggled with her portfolio and this meant she lost a lot of confidence.  Myself and Sally worked alongside Judy to help restore her confidence again and encouraged her to continue and not give up. Judy was then left to go out into the Deaf Community to gather evidence by filming her clips.

When I received the clips back they were lovely, her signing skills were great. However, unfortunately Judy had used the same person in 3 different clips, the maximum you can use the same person in different clips is twice.

Judy was upset but determined to get her portfolio finished so remained patient and went away for the last time to start filming again. When she sent me her new clips they were perfect!

Judy also found some difficulties with the paperwork and the self-evaluation part of the course, so I helped her through and took time to explain the correct procedures to her.

Now that Judy has completed her Portfolio she is so relieved, her confidence is high and she is doing great.

Judy bought me a Guinness Pint Glass with ‘Aindriu Stanley, Best BSL Teacher xx Judy’ engraved on it. I am so touched.

I wish Judy every bit of luck in the future. ​